Random Quiz is an add-on for creating quiz with Google Forms in the Google Sheets workspace. The main features of Random Quiz are:

  • Give each student a different test, when students take the test online, they will not be able to talk to each other about the results of the questions;

  • Upload all images at once and automatically insert each image into each corresponding question;

  • Set a time for the test; Statistics scores from tests with just one click.

  • Create tests as pdf files for students to take on paper in the classroom (new).

  • This utility is best suited for teachers of Physics.



After creating a new workbook, select the Create quiz tab, in the drop-down list, click Create sheets.


Wait a moment for the program to start, open the basic form to configure the test.

Then a form called Basic Form opens, Don't add anything, and don't delete any part of the form. Go to settings, then choose as shown below:


Back in the spreadsheet, select the sheet named title, a simple form as shown below:

Fill in the corresponding boxes: Test title; number of questions in the test, maximum score of the test; time to start the test; time to finish the test.

Note that you enter the hour, day, month, and year in the format specified in the template.


  • Select sheet “listStudent”.

  • Paste the list of student emails in the “Email address” column.


This is the most important part, you should read each step carefully!

  • Select the sheet named test.

  • Select Extensions/Random Quiz/Enter questions, a dialog box appears like this:

Question number: Where you enter the number of the question.

Content Question: This is where you can enter the text of the question, or you can also copy the question from another document and paste it here.

However, you need to pay attention:

  • The physical quantities in the problem are not represented by numbers, but replaced with a letter (the letters are not used: a, b, c, d, e, f) together with an index . For example, in the left illustration, velocity is denoted by v1, and mass is denoted by m1.

  • The physical quantities must be placed between the "" sign and the && ampersand. Example here: "&v1&" and "&m1&".

Insert symbol: Insert special characters or math operators.

Formula for calculation: This is where you enter the physical quantity calculation formula asked in the question. In this example, the quantity asked is the kinetic energy of an object, and the formula for the kinetic energy is 0.5 *m1*v^2.

Unit of measure: The unit of measure of the physical quantity has been calculated above. In this example, the kinetic energy has the unit J.

Theoretical options: This section is only for non-calculating questions, it is theoretical questions.

After entering the question, calculation formula and units of measure, choose Insert, followed by Next question to continue to enter other questions.


Using the Snipping tool or some other screen capture software, take pictures of questions and save them all in a folder on your computer. The names of the image files need to be set according to the following convention:

picture of question 1, we put Fig1, similar to the picture for question 2 put Fig2,….

When you have prepared all the pictures for the test, select Add-ons/ Random Quiz/ Upload Pictures

to the folder containing your photos, select all photos, click Open and Submit.


Select Extensions/ Random Quiz/ Create quiz

Wait for completion (The amount of time you spend depends on the number of students), a sidebar appears, Click Create Quiz to start creating quizzes. While the program is active, you can do something else, but don't quit the program or turn off the computer.

When enough tests have been created, the sidebar automatically closes. Now you just need to post to students with one more action: Select Extensions / Random Quiz / Send:

Here, you can turn off the computer and rest!

Wait until your students finish the test, you only need one more action, and that is to choose Scores result:

The student scores will appear immediately in the Score column:


Select Extensions/ Random Quiz/ Print . On the sidebar, click the Start, Create Quiz, and Send files to email buttons in turn. Then open the mailbox of the same Google account you are using, download all the pdf files and an excel file to your computer.

If you want to change the time, please return to the sheet "title" to edit.

All comments, please contact: